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Six of the best

This website focuses on variable temperature kettles, which were new technology a few years ago but now have become fairy main stream.

For the very best variable kettles available today take a look here. We’ve selected these  kettles based on the very best in technology today.

For Christmas

We’ve found the best Looking variable temperature kettle that would make an ideal Christmas present.

Great Special Gift

A kettle that looks good and is so easy to use. The Perfect gift

The question often arises Do I need variable temperature kettle? Isn’t this just another pointless kitchen gadget? We think not.

Setting the temperature of a vessel of water, precisely, is extremely useful. Making the kettle a much more versatile device. You can find out more of the benefits here

Also check out our buyers guide which you’ll find here

Our Selections

We’ve spent a bit of time looking through all the variable temperature kettles out there. Some great some not so great and we’ve selected our favourites based on quality and functions. We’ve then arranged these based on price bands.

Value for money group

This group heat water to the selected temperature at a very reasonable price.

Our mid-range selection

Great variable temperature kettles at an affordable price. Can’t ask for more.

Money no object

We can all dream, these kettles are at the top end, in terms of style with prices to match.

A short history of the Kettle

The humble kettle hasn’t changed in thousands of years and will be with us for many years to come. But it’s under threat.

New technology introduces kitchen taps which produce instant boiling water. And the same device can produce cold filtered water for drinking.

Here we look at the history of the kettle through the ages.

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