A Kettle for Christmas – Editors Choice

A Kettle for Christmas  – Editors Choice

As Christmas approaches, we've been on the lookout for that special kettle. The one that ticks all the right boxes . And we've found it, a variable temperature kettle for Christmas. This one's got everything and at a great price. This is a gift that will be useful for many years to come and looks really good too.

It's so easy to operate as well and that was something that was especially important for us, because this kettle has been selected as a present for someone else. So nothing too complex. All they have to do is just select one of the preset temperatures, then press start - that's it. Oh and there's one last button "keep warm". It doesn't get much simpler than that does it?

Most people don't give a kettle a second thought - it's just there to boil water. But think how much more versatile it would be if you could not only boil water but set it to other temperatures too. It might seem overkill but it's surprising how useful it becomes. Once you've had one yourself, your unlikely to go back to a traditional kettle. Plus it looks really slick as well

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