A Perfect Variable Temperature Kettle for Tea

The temperature control kettle for Herbal Tea drinkers

If your an avid tea drinker or have a close friend who is then look no further.

Here we have a perfect kettle for that personal touch, read on…

This small kettle makes this ideal as a personal present. The tea infuser, temperature setting and keep warm features aren’t that unique these days. But what makes it special is the cup with it’s own keep warm feature something we’ve not seen before but we like this a lot.¬†

So much to like about this little design and it would look good anywhere, kitchen, home-office, study, you could even keep it in a bedroom.

What this Kettle isn't

This isn’t a big beast of a kettle, heating up water for whole family. It’s more personal than that.

What makes it Great

Being small makes this like variable temperature  kettle a perfect personal gift. 

Although it’s small, it’s still quick enough when doing its job of heating the water up.

The cup makes it perfect for just warming up milk as well.