About Us

Why Variable Temperature Kettle Site

How We Met

We all met at our children’s school in Hertfordshire. The daily school run meant the we got to know each other as we waited for our little ones to come out of class and then off home. Myself (Greg) and Hannah discovered we had a passion for herbal tea and Emma joined us.

Passion for Tea

If you know about herbal teas then you’re probably also aware that these teas are delicate and need to be made with hot, not boiling water. Which was hard to achieve with a normal electric kettle, that’s when we discovered “temperature controlled kettles”. They were quite new in those days, with few models and expensive price tags. 

A variable Temperature Kettle is Born


I bought one and tried it out and lent it to Hannah who lent it, after a month or two (she loved it) to Emma. That’s when we decided to put this website together to help others choose a variable temperature kettle which will help to make a perfect green tea.

As the years have rolled on by there’s now a sea of models. So our website has turned to recommending the best models out there.


The Team Members

Emma Gould

I’m single with two sons and one Daughter. My mum lives with us and that helps a lot. My daughter is now in secondary school.

Teas with milk didn’t agree with me for some reason and I never new tea could be anything other than tea with milk and sugar.

I switched to herbal tea and after meeting Greg and Hannah, I found out that temperatures make a difference – then I? was hooked. 


Greg Prine
Greg Prine

Married with two boys and living near Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire. I like all Chinese teas and since taking a liking to Turkish tea, I’m not sure what it’s called but it brews to a deep red colour.

I’m also a coffee drinker, just instant black coffee for me which is part of my morning routine and which I make with my variable temperature kettle

Hannah Swanger
Hannah Swanger

I’m married with two girls and I live near Welwyn Garden City.

I have a passion for green tea Jasmine and Oolong being firm favourites.

These teas are delicate and the water temperature is what gives them their potency.

Temperature control kettles make all the difference.