Author: Greg Prine

When 100°C isn’t 100°C

water boiling

The Boiling Point of Water Every school pupil knows that water boils at 100°C (212°F) – this is a bit of conundrum. Obviously 100°C can not be anything other than 100°C but when it comes to boiling water that’s not always the…

Kettle Temperature Control

kettle whistling

Old kettles would just boil away for ever and ran dry. But techonolgy has come to the recue and has changed tight up to modern variable temperature kettles

How Water Boils

Two Kettles Boiling

Water is an amazing substance in it’s own right, almost magical in some ways. Boiling water is as simple as switching on the kettle but a lot of things are happening from that simple operation. Here we give a flavour…

Short History of the Kettle

Old Cast Iron Kettle

Early Kettles The Stove Kettle As man learned to harness fire so the need to heat water would have been an early requirement. Vessels to hold the water and able to withstand the heat of the fire would not have…

Water and Man

Small Waterfall

Water at Your Service We all know that life on Earth depends on water. That substance, so common but so precious. No access to water in less than a week means almost certain death. We just can’t survive without it.…