Best Temperature Kettle

Best Variable Temperature Kettle for 2021

This ia a difficult task

Picking the best temperature kettle for 2021 is not an easy task. This year there’s more and more models. The good news is that these devices keep getting better – which is great news.

But we did it

After much deliberation and discussion amongst ourselves we’ve come up with a real gem. Something that does everything right in a beautiful package.

Isn't a kettle just a kettle?

So what’s so good about it, after all it just heats up water, which is what they all do?¬†

Well yes, that’s right – but like most things there’s a bit more to consider¬†

Quick heating

This 1.7 litre kettle comes with a super powerful 3kW heating element. What that means is the water gets heated quickly – there’s nothing faster.

Simple Controls

Simple controls make this ideal for everyone to use.

Select one of the preset temperatures then press start.

Good looks

As in most kitchens the kettle is always on display. So it’s important that it looks good.

This kettle looks gorgeous the brushed stainless steel with the burnt copper trim makes it a real show stealer.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day it’s all a matter of taste and does it do everything we’d expect without us thinking too hard after all a kettle has always been a simple device. Variable temperature kettles increase a kettles usefulness but this should not be at the expense of simplicity.

So there you have a fantastic looking kettle and easy to operate Рwhat more could you ask for?