Buyers Guide for temperature controlled kettle

What do you want?

We list the three things you need from a variable temperature kettle.

What to look for

Luckily for us temperature controlled kettles are fairly simple devices. So the must have features  are quite simple for us to define. 

As a rule of thumb, you kettle should have –

Must have Features

A simple selector is the norm. You won’t be able to dial in discrete values. What you’re get is a series of set temperatures normally in steps of 10 degree centigrade.

Most but not all the best variable temperature kettles have a keep warm feature.

We think it’s a must have feature as it’s just so practical. All kettles should have this.

Nice to have Features

1.5 to 1.7 litres are the normal sizes but do check as some kettles are one cuppa types. Fine for personal use where you just want one cup of tea at any one time.

This quality is directly related to the power of the variable temperature kettle which is given in watts, the higher the number the quick it boils.

2,200 watts is standard fare with 3,000 watts also provided on some models (normally written as 3k watts) 

Some kettles are just noisy and cackle as they boil. Normally this isn’t too big a deal and the warming process doesn’t last long but some models do make an attempt at reducing noise,

What doesn’t have a phone app these days. Isn’t this just an “app to far?”. Well “yes” and “no”.

Obviously it’s not critical but it does allow you to set a temperature, switch it on and then it tells you when the kettle’s ready, as long as you have a wi-fi/internet connection.