The Perfect Gift

We've found the best Temperature Control Kettle

We've found the best Temperature Control Kettle

Looking around for a variable temperature kettle that would make an ideal gift is a little tricky. But we’ve found one, a variable temperature kettle that ticks all the right boxes.

This one’s got everything and at a reasonable price. This is a gift that will keep on giving and looks really good too.

Why we Like it

German Made

It’s a kettle that carries out its simple function well, which is to heat up water then keep it at that temperature for up to one hour. It’s German made too so it’s made to a high spec

Simple Controls

It’s easy to operate as well, something that was especially important for us because this kettle has been selected as a gift for someone else. So nothing too complex

Infuser for making tea in the kettle

The stainless steel infuser makes tea making a cinch. A perfect present for the person that loves tea and/or instant coffee. 

Let's get down to details

The Controls

Fill the kettle with water, select a temperature (via a touch button that steps through the presets). Flick the start level downwards.

That’s it – as we said it’s that easy.

Keep Warm

The kettle does this automatically for you, for up to one hour. You cancel this if you want.

A neat feature is that kettle tells you if it’s heating the water (red light) or keeping the water warm (blue light) – How neat is that? 

Easy to keep Clean

Even if you use a pure water in your kettle, eventually you’ll have to clean it. Most kettles make this difficult because the opening is so small. 

Good news here this kettle is a joy to clean (if cleaning can be described like that!)  

Final Thoughts

Tea and instant coffee drinkers really will appreciate this special kettle. These beverages require very hot, not boiling, water. To provide the best flavour.

This is the one we would select if we were buying a present for an avid tea drinker.

Being able to heat water to a precise temperature and keep it at there is surprisingly useful.