Temperature Control Kettle for Formula Milk

Baby Milk

Formula milk is a requirement for all of us mums with young babies. The best milk is breast milk – it’s designed by nature, is always delivered at the right temperature, it’s hassle free and available on demand.

However breast milk isn’t always an option and that’s when we turn to formula milk.

Formula Milk

When we go to the formula milk  we have a number of new things we have to consider. 

None of these steps are difficult, it’s just that the baby requires “24 hour room service”. It always seems that you don’t have any milk prepared and it’s 3:00am in the morning – We’ve all been through that. That’s what husbands are for.

My approach

As a mum of two my approach, like most mums was to make a batch of milk, and have it ready in four small baby bottles ready to go. So, first thing in the morning;

  • Throw all unused milk away
  • Clean and sterilise the bottles
  • Boil water and let the water cool
  • Make up a batch formula milk
  • Put the milk in the bottles and store in the fridge 

There's a better way now

Imagine you could boil a quantity of water and then cool it to the optimum temperature ready for making a bottle of formula milk just when you need it?

Ideally the optimum temperature would be held for up to 24 hours so the water is ready to go. When you need it.

Our prayers have been answered.  The neat small kettle shown here, boils then cools the water to the desired temperature and keeps it there for as long as you like.

And when the baby is all grown up you still have a temperature control kettle for other uses. Making hot drinks being one of them.

A really, really useful device which I wish was around a few years back. Take a look at it here while it’s still available on Amazon.