Great Variable Temperature Kettles

Kettles are more than just devices for boiling/heating up water, they sit around in your kitchen and so have to look good!

Our criteria here was to find those kettles that go beyond just heating water (which is our first tick box) but also provide an elegant solution and that would make ideal gifts.

Hey Good Looking

Why do kettles need to look like kettles? This kettle has all the simple controls you’d expect and keeps the water at the temperature you’ve selected for up to 4 hours.

It looks gorgeous too.

Stainless Steel Beauty

Does every thing you’d expect from a digital kettle with a turbo One-cup feature perfect for that personal cuppa

Perfect Hot drink maker

Elegant design with the gooseneck spout makes for precision pouring.

The temperature control provides presets and it can be adjusted in precise 1 degree settings. 

A keep warm function make this a perfect choice for hot drinks, at a reasonable price.