Money No Object

This is where we let ourselves loose in the “sweet shop” and pick the variable temperature thermal kettles that are pure indulgence. 

They do everything that basic models do but with style and panache – they’re stunning sculptures in their own right, ready to turn heads and make a statement about their owners.   

Small 900ml Kettle

Perfect for one or two or three cups of tea or coffee. The gooseneck spout ensure the hot water goes where you want it to go without dripping.

Stunning design with excellent controls and a keep warm feature as well.


The Smart Kettle

Does everything a variable temperature kettle does, as you would expect. But you can also control this with one with your  mobile phone, android/iPhone.

The app looks gimmicky until you put to use. Switch the kettle on when your upstairs, in the garden, on your way home. It knows what temperature certain beverages need to you don’t have to remember the temperature, just select the drink and it does the rest.

Bugatti Style

Incredibly slick design that allows you to set the water temperature in stages – if looks could kill.