Variable Temperature Kettles - Six of the best

This is our quick, a non sophisticated round up of six of the best temperature control kettles out of the hundreds of models now available. We’ve chosen six variable temperature kettles that we felt tick all the right boxes, plus we’ve included a few of our favourites too.

Our selection criteria was simple as well, they had to meet these attributes;

The all rounder

Heats water, makes tea and de-chlorinates the water too. Simple to operate at a remarkable price of around £30

The pretty one

Hannah's favourite

A small pretty little kettle, only 0.8 litres. Not particularly cheap but perfect for that individual cup of coffee or tea.

The all rounder

Simple to operate, takes a full1.7 litres of water and heats the contents fast and for a modest price

The pretty one

Some of us like to see the water as it heats up, boils. We really like this kettle, it’s easy to clean and the controls couldn’t be simpler.

The all rounder

Does everything you’d expect from a variable temperature kettle and looks gorgeous as well.

The Tea Maker

Greg's Favourite

The internal infuser allows you to brew your tea inside the kettle. It will keep your tea hot for up to 2 hours and it’s quite as well.​